Sync Photos between Home PC and iPhone, iPad, iPod

by on December 20th, 2010


At home you have your MAC or PC available loaded with your photo albums and on the go you have got your smart phone or mobile device with your latest photos. There is a way to sync photo albums between home PC (MAC or PC) and smart phone (iPhone) or mobile device such as iPad. Turn your iPhone camera into device to automatically send full resolution photos back home as you take them. Cinq gives you access to your entire home photo library while you are on the go.

Cinq is a free data sync software which enables you to sync home PC and mobile device together for photo sharing. File sync software such as this will make your life easier if you take a lot of photos and keep collection and share photos. Cinq is a real time file sync application that you will love.

Cinq Features

  • Automatically send full resolution photos home as you take them
  • See and share all your pictures anytime from anywhere
  • Share any of your photos on Facebook
  • Post any of your photos to Twitter (via TwitPic)

How to Sync PC and Mobile Photos

  • Download and install the Cinq App onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Follow the in-app instructions to create an account.
  • Go to from your home computer and download the Cinq Server software (Mac or PC), run the application and log in.

Download Cinq App for iPhone, Ipad, iPod

Download Cinq App for iPhone, Ipad, iPod