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by on July 6th, 2012

Users love iPhone and Apple products but most of them hate iTunes dependency for transferring and syncing data from PC to iPhone or iPhone to PC. You have to connect the iPhone with PC and then you wonder what will happen if you start syncing data with PC. iTunes has several limits that prevent users from managing media content on their iDevices. Phonetrans Pro is a software that you can install in your PC and by taking advantages of iOS 5 Wi-Fi sync feature, transfer all iPhone, iPod, iPad data to PC and from PC to iDevice wirelessly via wifi. PhoneTrans Pro also allows you to complete files transferring among unlimited iOS devices wirelessly. Get full license code (Unlimited) of PhoneTrans Pro (worth $29.99). Comment this post to enter in Phonetrans Pro giveaway. One lucky winner will be announced at 12 July 2012.

PhoneTrans Pro provides a solution to recover music from iPhones, iPads in the event of a serious hardware failure on PC. PhoneTrans Pro is fully compatible with iOS 6. PhoneTrans Pro is the ultimate solution to transfer iPhone, iPad, iPod touch music and movies to/from computer, iTunes library or between iOS devices. Enrich and Share iTunes Library from iPhone, over Wi-Fi.

Far beyond an ordinary iPhone transfer, PhoneTrans Pro allows you to perfectly gear iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to computer or iTunes library, over Wi-Fi. Makes all your iPhone media content sharable freely.


  • Transfer iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Music and Files over Wi-Fi.
  • Share Music and Movie Collection between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch over wifi.
  • Move iTunes Library from iPhone, iPad and iTouch.
  • Brings more Conveniences when Adding iPhone Music from iTunes.
  • Import all songs, movies from the old iDevice to new over wifi
  • Rebuild iTunes library on a new computer over wifi
  • Sync iTunes library with iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Take full data backups of iDevices using wifi transfer

Requirements: .NET Framework 4.0 is required.

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How to Get the Key

Comment this post to enter in this giveaway (Use your original email so that we can send you registration key). One lucky winner will be announced at 12 July 2012.


We are announcing the winner. It happens so that the software owners decided to give us a registration key that can be used to register this software by as many users as can, before end of this month July 2012. Let us send key first to those who commented at this giveaway and then we offer the key in separate post so that our subscribers may find this as well.

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