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by on October 10th, 2009


Here is a new feature for rapidshare users in a free rapidshare downloader and download manager that you can use. If you are a rapidshare user, you probably already have some download / upload manager for rapidshare. This software is a manager and yet you can stream media directly from Rapidshare using it. You can Stream audio and video directly from RapidShare! No more waiting for a movie to download, you can start watching the stream instantly! No more wasting hard drive space, just keep all your movies online for future streaming!

RapidWareX is a convenient downloading tool for RapidShare premium users.

RapidWareX Features

  • 100% FREE
  • Input a whole list of links at once
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • Retry failed downloads
  • Secure login over HTTPS
  • Prevent phishing attacks
  • Check remaining traffic on your account
  • Import & export collections of links
  • Web interface for remote control
  • Stream video and audio directly from server


There are a couple of rules though for files to stream.

Rapidshare Direct Video Stream

  • files must be DivX or Xvid encoded (make sure you have DivX WebPlayer installed)
  • can be single .avi file
  • can be a collection of uncompressed and unecrypted .rar archives (this means compression method must be ‘storage’ and there can’t be a password)
  • can be a collection of HJSplit files

Rapidshare Direct Audio Stream

  • files must be MP3s
  • a list of MP3s will be converted into a playlist


You can find the function in the ‘Add links’-tab or in the WebUI under the name ‘Stream Live’. Make sure you have enabled ‘Direct Download’ on the RapidShare website under account-settings! You need to have .Net Framework 3.5 installed!

software homepage

Download Rapidshare Download and Direct Audio, Video Stream Manager

Version: 1.2.1 – File Size: 3.83 MB
Files include: Microsoft .netframework 3.5, help files and manual, software for 32bit and 64bit

Download Rapidshare Download and Video Audio Stream Manager

3 Reviews

  1. Mark says:

    Use to search and download rapidshare files such a movies, games, ebooks, templates….Fast results and great interface.Give it a try.

  2. kim says:

    Thanks for this. According to me downloading links from rapidshare is a quite hactic thing. You have to follow it but this is a nice trick. There is no need to download it one by one.

  3. Mark says:

    Nice tips.I have been using rapidshare for years now and Im happy with it.