Store, Send and Delete Really Large Files Online – No Account Needed

by on January 22nd, 2011

Internet is a vast medium for people to spend large part of their lives online now. Its a virtual world where everybody and everything is accessible. Everybody and everything is online. People want to communicate with others who are far away from them. They want to share and receive. Internet was created for sending and receiving messages and then data/files. As more people come online, more data they share and receive. Internet speed becomes very fast. New services emerge to fulfill people needs who want to project them online. Okay, so thing is to send data and receive data securely. Now what matters is send and receive huge amount of data painlessly. Have you used Rapidshare, Megaupload, Uploading and other such file hosting services? They have made it a pain. Allow us to share a useful service that will save your time and you can store large amount of data, send/share it and then delete it if you want after you have shared it. You do not need to register or wait for that.

Following service is free for large file storage or large file transfer which will allow you to send large files, upload large files, email large files, share large files or whatever you want for your large files.

FileJumbo is a file hosting service that you can use to store large amount of files, share with others and then delete it. You can upload a file from your PC or upload any file by giving its online URL. FileJumbo will store it and give you a link that you can email or give to others. You can also have its HTML code, or forum code to attach it anywhere online if its not personal. Then if you want, delete that file so that nobody else can access it.

Do tell us your experience about the service. Which service do you use for file hosting and sharing?