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by on May 31st, 2012

steve jobs audio interviews downloads free

Download Steve Jobs’ best interviews recorded at the All Things D stage from 2003 to 2010, in high quality video and audio formats.

As a memorial to Steve Jobs, and, in the spirit of sharing a priceless piece of history, All Things D have made available all six of Steve Jobs interviews in high quality.

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Here are audio only direct download links for 6 interviews and one PDF.

Steve Jobs in 2003 – First D

Title: After starting NEXT and Pixar, Steve Jobs was back at an Apple in decline.

Summary: Not long after taking the CEO job at a troubled Apple Computer, Steve Jobs appeared on the first D stage to discuss his plans for the future, his changing role at NEXT, and his views of the technology landscape.

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Steve Jobs in 2004 – D2

Title: Success with iTunes and a fledgeling iPod business were among the topics of conversation.

Summary: Apple had gotten into the music business, and with the launch of iTunes, had become the biggest legal music download system in the world. Steve talks about Apple, music, and what would come next.

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Steve Jobs in 2005 – D3

Title: Steve Jobs talks about mobile devices and their future in people’s pockets.

Summary: Steve Jobs discussed the crucial need for setting product priorities, how mobile devices relate to desktop computers, and Apple’s fledgeling retail stores. He was asked the question that was on everyone’s mind. What about an iPod Phone?

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Steve Jobs in 2007 – D5

Title: Steve Jobs, the first iPhone, and the new Apple.

Summary: After changing the name of the company to simply Apple, Steve Jobs gave a sneak peek of the first unreleased iPhone.

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together in 2007 – D5

Title: A historic, candid conversation with Steve Jobs and his lifelong rival, Bill Gates.

Summary: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates took the stage together to talk about their lives as collaborators, rivals, and the future of the technology business as seen from their unique perspectives.

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Steve Jobs in 2010 – D8

Title: Steve Jobs’ final appearance on the D stage, talking iPad and the future.

Summary: Steve Jobs appeared for the last time on the D stage in 2010. He focused on the recently released and wildly successful iPad, but also touched on controversies with Adobe, intellectual property, Apple’s Chinese manufacturing, and maybe most notably, the end of the “PC” era.

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Steve Jobs’ Legacy – Reflections from AllThingsD

Title: Articles and essays from Walt Mossberg and Ina Fried of AllThingsD, including Mossberg’s, The Steve Jobs I Knew.

Summary: A package of articles published on that reflect on the life and legacy of Steve Jobs. Included are two pieces from Walt Mossberg—one published when Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple and the other upon his passing. Posts from Ina Fried, who wrote about Bill Gates’ sentiments on the passing of Jobs, and about The Three Irreplaceable Qualities of Steve Jobs.

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