Status Update Tracking for Windows Phone Customers

by on March 29th, 2011

The NoDo copy and paste update for Windows Phone 7 has been released for the branded unlocked handsets. Get to know about the update status for Windows Phone customers in the U.S. Find your phone model and then check to see what stage your update is in. There are three update stages. e.g. testing, scheduling, delivering update. Stage 1, Testing means the software update is undergoing mobile operator network and quality tests. Stage 2, Scheduling means operator testing is complete, and Microsoft is scheduling the update for delivery. This phase typically lasts 10 days or less and finally stage 3, delivering update means that Microsoft has started to send out the update. Updates are typically delivered to customers in batches, it might take several weeks before you receive notice that an update is available for you.

Windows Phone Status Update Tracking Website

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