SoundTaxi Pro and VideoRip Giveaway Winners

by on October 28th, 2012

SoundTaxi Pro is an audio and video converter to convert protected or non-protected music and movie files (legally) to MP3, M4A (iPod), WMA or WAV (audio) and MP4, AVI (DivX) or WMV (video) at high speed or at CD quality. This all-in-one media converter can convert any media format into another to play on PC, smart phones or tablets.

SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip giveaway was posted at October 2nd, 2012 and here are 10 lucky winners.

SoundTaxi Pro and VideoRip Giveaway Winners

  • DVS
  • Isaf
  • vhick
  • Victor Arreola
  • Anh Vuong
  • ToGor
  • yfyl
  • Roel
  • Tate
  • fhc5326

Congrats! Emails are being sent to winners. Guests who missed can stay tuned and participate in coming giveaways.

5 Reviews

  1. Hiroshi I need some help…I converted a VOB file that plays in English but when I use sound taxi the language is set to its original language which is Chinese with Spanish subtitles… is there anyway I can make sound taxi convert the video but in English? any settings I should change

  2. thanks Hiroshi…this is my second time winning something and I hope its not the last

  3. ToGor says:

    Thank you Hiroshi. Congrats to other winners. ;)
    Regards …

  4. vhick says:

    Thank you so much Hiroshi and SoundTaxi for winning this one. Congratulation to other winners. At last I win :)

  5. Tate says:

    Wow, my first time winning on a contest in this site.
    I’ll make sure to use this software. Thanks!