Solution – Windows Domain Logon is Taking A Long Time

by on March 17th, 2009

This problem is very common for network administrators. The problem arises after adding a computer in a domain, when the computer is restarted and the logon screen appears which is the classic logon screen and we want to change the logon domain. When we click at the drop down menu, it says “Please wait while the domain list is being created” and it hangs on forever.

This is a DNS issue. If the DNS of the system is not pointing to the DNS Server which includes a record of the domain, then it hangs on and will do nothing. This is usually the case if we specify the DNS server as public internet servers rather than our own internal domain DNS server.

Solution: Logon with the local administrator account and change the DNS address to the one which specifies the domain in its records. To come out of the waiting loop, just press Ctrl-Alt-Del twice and the system will come out of the waiting loop.