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by on February 20th, 2014

Doodle jump is fun but that character of doodle jump is not interesting. That is why we have other jump games with several other cool characters, such as this one. Snowbros character has also made appearance in jump stages game. Its an endless jumping game with snow bros character and environment. You can choose playing character from four available characters: Snow, Wing, Capa and Oni. There are three playable modes of game: Normal mode, time attack mode and drop and catch mode. The game is based on classic snow bros game. Sounds, objects and environment are similar to snow bros.


The character jumps automatically. You have to land the character on stones or ice safely to launch it to the next support without dropping it. Certain stones or ice supports are breakable on single jump and you have to make sure not to land on same place twice where the breakable stone or ice was.

Time attack mode requires you to collect coins to increase stage time as you play the game, otherwise time will finish and game will be over. You can increase available time on stage by collecting as many coins as you can. Drop and catch mode allows you to catch objects from balloons to increase character’s life and you can take support of a balloon until it burst. While character is in balloon, its safe from enemies.

How to Play

Move character left or right by tilting iPhone or iPad. Collect coins to jump higher. Avoid enemies and fires coming from enemies.

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