Revolutionary Smartphone with Flexible Screen is Coming Late This Year

by on April 25th, 2013

With so much development in mobile technology, we have endless possibilities about our digital lives in future. Good news! LG is about to launch its revolutionary smartphone with a flexible OLED display screen this year.

LG did not reveal more details about this smartphone. It will be bendable / fold-able smartphone or the smartphone’s screen could extend over its edges! This is not clear yet.

The rumors about Samsung are also similar that Samsung will launch a smartphone that will be able to “rolled up” and survive hammer blows. Samsung has already shown two prototypes of this kind of smartphones at CES. You can actually bend that phone in a wave or arc shape and its paper thin.

OLED TV’s with curved screens, TV and monitors with transparent qFHD (quad full high definition) AMOLED display are also coming. These transparent display screens will reflect what is in their background when switched off.

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