Siri as Voice Assistant, Coming to Honda, BMW and Chevrolet Cars

by on December 12th, 2012

After iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad – an iCar by Apple would have been nice but lets not lose hopes just yet – because Honda, BMW and Chevrolet have announced that Siri integration is coming to cars very soon. Infact in 2013 Chevrolet small cars will be coming with Siri as voice assistant in cars. Owner should have iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or later to use this feature. In Chevrolet, Siri will work through standard Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system.

To avoid distraction, drivers won’t have to turn iPhone’s screen on to use Siri in cars. Siri will work seamlessly without touching iPhone screen or anything. Owner will also be able to make calls using Siri, play songs in iTunes library, listen to messages, compose messages, send messages, ask directions from Siri – all without touching iPhone or anything.

However complex questions to Siri that require displaying a web page will not work in car. They call it ‘Siri Eyes Free capability’ for cars. This is a great idea of Siri integration in car, that you are about to witness in action in 2013.