Sims Games Can Help you Manage your Own Real Life

by on August 27th, 2011

We just reviewed ‘The sims social’ game at facebook. Sims games are all about creating your avatar by choosing a character and customizing it as you like it – be its face, color, clothes, style or anything – everything is customizable. Sims games give you a chance to choose your ideal character and then make it spend its virtual life. They give you a dollhouse kind of home in which your sims live. You have to feed it, brush its teeth, make him sleep, clean lawn of your sim and do any other necessary activities that you perform in your real life. The simulation is all about managing life of a virtual person.

If you won’t feed your sim, it will have low energy. You have to make him do all the necessary things that you do in your own life. Food, sleep, hygiene, lawn cleaning, cleaning surroundings and much more. Your sim can have pets. Your sims can have relationships. Your sim can flirt, date, dance, interact with other sims in the game.

You have to simulate a virtual life and do all the things a person has to do in real life to survive, live happy and healthy life. You will get warnings and alerts about needs of your avatar in these games.

‘The sims social’ which is a facebook game, has it all. You can play the sim simulation with your friends at facebook. Its virtual world. You are playing that game online, and nothing true or serious abdout it but you will learn to respond to needs of your sims in the game to make them spend a better life.

That will lead you to think that to keep your sim happy, healthy and alive you need to create a balance in its activities. If you are a highly motivated active businessman or leading a very busy life then by playing sims games will make you think for a while.

I personally used to believe that maximum time from 24 hours should be spend in doing work so that I can meet the requirements of fast life. This approach tends to make you sit late hours and work a lot without enough rest or caring about other important stuff in life.

By playing ‘the sims social’ for 20 minutes I realized that taking shower, brushing teeth of your sim’s again and again, having rest or take a nap, listening to music or watching TV not only improves your sim’s mood and life but also improved my mood. When my sim collects rewards, coins, gathers energy – it all feels good.

By taking care of your virtual character and helping it manage its life in a game can bring huge improvements to your life as well. The developers have programmed the sim to spend its life and demand essential things from you that you provide it and then the game shows your sim is happy and doing progress in its virtual life.

There are two big benefits of playing sims. First one is that you can manage your own life by taking inspiration of your sim. Second one is you can live your dream life. Its easy to show some progress and life improvement in a game than in your real life.

So play sims games, improve your life.