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by on November 1st, 2007

Blogging has been quite a craze as much people get to know what this is all about. And definitely everybody wants to get listed somewhere, wants to get his links included of his work somewhere or share with others.

Today i was wondering that if I could get some good colorful badges of directories for my blog and also links but I wondered that no service could be seen working properly. I tried more then six of directories. They asked many details and then provided a link back. I placed the code in my blog and gave them URL but they insisted that they could not find the reciprocal link so could not add my blog. If they can not add my blog then I thought that I must refuse their colorful badges and stickers too. I removed the code and repented over time wastage. So I am thinking now to make my own directory.

I am creating my own PHP PMB which will be released at 17-December-2007. That’s my first Open Source Based complete project which will enable users to track and manage their personal stuff and this php software will include many modules and will be quite flexible.

And the PMB is here.

After that I am planning to create directories which will be easy and flexible and easy to navigate, surf and utilize. Do you have a blog or just a cool website? For Now, you might consider sharing links with me then.

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