Sergey Brin Explains “Why Glass?” – Videos

by on June 3rd, 2013

sergey brin google glass demo video

So why Google Glass? We have got the PCs and smart phones that can do the same. We can captures photos/videos, use internet, ask directions, communicate by using smart phone that is always in our pockets or hand. Then why Glass? Sergey Brin explains how Glass makes a big difference in our lives. This is why you will need Google Glass.

Is there something that frees your hand, eyes and ears while you communicate with virtual world? Its Google Glass and this is the idea behind the Glass to free you from carrying around your smart phone to take pictures or to share stuff over the web.

You can use smart phone to capture a picture, video or to share them online or use social networking websites but for that, you will have to carry your smart phone in your hand and your eyes will be busy with its screen. With Glass, you don’t have to do that. Your focus or attention won’t distract much from where you are.

You can talk to anybody and take his picture or capture video at the same time, without looking anywhere else. You can play football or video game and capture the whole live video movie at the same time.

It is comfortable wearable smart device that will free you. It will not distract you. When a message arrives on your phone, sometimes you have to check it to only see if its important or not. But that also involves taking your phone out of your pocket, switch it on, go to messages and see that message. With Glass, you will only move your head upwards once to see the message and that’s it. Watch the following videos.

Sure Google Glass is going to make a huge difference. It comes with a big price tag but its worth it. Smart phone is a complete distraction. Google Glass is less distracting, as it is not on your ears, its not in your hands, its not on your eyes, you do not have to hold it. Its very near to you but still away from your eyes, ears, hands. Its amazing. Watch photos of Sergey Brin wearing Glass.