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by on May 26th, 2010

send real gifts using facebook - techmynd

Okay! I had to send gifts to two people and I have sent them using FaceBook. Not the virtual gifts but real one. I want to share that with you so that you can also send gifts to your friends and family far far away from you. Its not free but these gifts are not costly. You can send red bull, chocolates, cakes, kola cubes, key rings, badges, jelly tots, hearts, toys, teddy bear, chocolate hearts and much more…right from the FaceBook. And you don’t need to know the person’s address to send them a physical gift. They will accept the gift and fill in their address to receive gift.

Facebook Credits

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fb credits techmynd

You can start by purchasing FaceBook credits.

Go to Account > Account Settings > Payments Tab
Infront of first option ‘Credits Balance‘ there is a kind of hidden small link which says ‘buy more
Clicking buy more will bring a popup from where you can select payment methods
You can choose payment methods, e.g. credit card, PayPal, Mobile Phone and currency type.

After purchasing the credits, you go to the FaceBook store or other apps to purchase gifts. There you can either use ‘Facebook credits’ or other payment options if available.

FaceBook Gifts Apps and Stores

Head over to the following apps, allow access and start purchasing gifts and send those gifts right away.

facebook dash gifts techmynd

ParcelGenieParcel Genie Site
RealGifts AppReal Gifts Store Site


Lets go through the process.

Send Gifts Using ParcelGenie

I used ParcelGenie service and PayPal method of payment as described below.

ParcelGenie – Select Gift – Select Recipient by typing his name – Add custom message – Add to Cart

gift 1 Send Real Gifts to Anybody on Facebook

Select wrap or choose profile picture wrap – Notice that app has selected recipient’s country for delivery.

gift 2 Send Real Gifts to Anybody on Facebook

Select payment method – I chose PayPal here

gift 3 Send Real Gifts to Anybody on Facebook

App will take you to PayPlay – Make Payment – App will redirect back to ParcelGenie

gift 4 Send Real Gifts to Anybody on Facebook

Payment done – Now notify recipient via FaceBook message, email, mobile, or enter recipient address (address not necessary). Choose any one method or two to notify recipient about the gift.

gift 5 Send Real Gifts to Anybody on Facebook

This is the message which will be sent to recipient in his inbox to notify him about the real gift.

gift 6 Send Real Gifts to Anybody on Facebook

This is the message sent and your copy.

gift 7 Send Real Gifts to Anybody on Facebook

Now you can see status of items in the ‘sent’ area.

gift 8 Send Real Gifts to Anybody on Facebook

When user will receive message, he will click the link containing that message which will bring him to ParcelGenie to allow application and then finally ask his postal (residential) address to fill in. The recipient will add his address there and its all done. The gift will be dispatched to him.

Okay! I sent another gift to another user in the UK and I used TeamViewer to monitor the other side of things. The following image shows the message he receives after clicking the link and allowing the app. Recipient adds his address information and clicks ‘save and encrypt’ button.

gift 9 Send Real Gifts to Anybody on Facebook

The gift will be sent to him. Done.

PS: Don’t mind the arrows in the last image. These arrow signs were supposed to be for some of the above image.