How to Share Multiple Websites in Single URL

by on November 11th, 2010

send-multiple-linksSometimes you just need to share more than one website URLs to a friend and you copy paste and type those addresses one by one or you share those URLs one by one. Here is the way to share multiple URLs at the same time in a single URL form. I mean you will only send a single URL which will contain all the websites you are referring to. It will be a group of websites in a single URL. Want an easy way to share a bunch of URLs? Here is how to do it. You can input multiple URLs and generate a single URL that you then copy to share on social networks or anywhere you want. BridgeURL presents your shared links in slideshow-like format, so each URL is framed with sliders on the left and right sides; this way, visitors can easily navigate through your collection of links.

Simply list down all the URLs you want to share in the box (one link per line, including http://) and BridgeURL creates a single link to share for all those URLs. The URL you will get will contain back and next arrow keys/controls which will contain other websites. The receiver will view the first website and he will be able to click at the next or back buttons to see other URLs you sent in attached format.

Some websites such as Techmynd, Facebook and PayPal will block this functionality. This functionality/service is for websites which can be viewed in frames.

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