Send Large Files upto 10GB from Gmail as Attachment

by on November 30th, 2012

Not always just documents, we have to send videos, photos, zipped files and much more via email. When operating systems, computer, cameras and smart phones have been upgraded – then now we have HD photos and videos to share with friends and family. Gmail is most professional email program that is being used by millions of users from around the globe that did not allow them to attach more then 20MB or 25MB data in an email as an attachment, yet. But now Google Drive has solved the problem and with its integration in the Gmail, you can send large large large files, even gigabytes of data as an attachment in a single email by using the same Gmail that you use daily.

You will have to integrate the Google Drive with your Gmail account that is luckily already integrated if you are using new compose feature of Gmail.

Go to Gmail.
Hit compose button to send new email.
If the page reloads then you are using old version of email composer. Hit the link that says something like ‘try out new compose experience’. The window will reload and you will get a short pop-up window to compose new email like below.

Use this new compose window.
At its bottom place mouse over plus sign (+) and it will reveal more features.
Hit the icon of Google Drive and new window will ask for files to be uploaded.

Google Drive offers 10GB of free space for files to be uploaded and shared. You can use this method to upload large files to Google Drive and then share its link in email by using Gmail. It also lets you change file sharing settings accordingly before sending email. You do not have to leave Gmail to do all that.

So by this integration of Google Drive and Gmail, you can send 10 GB of files as attachment to anybody online.