First Ever Commercially Available Self-Driving Car is Here

by on January 7th, 2014

Navia Self Driving Public Transport

France-based robotics company, Induct has announced “Navia Shuttle” – A 100% electric automated public transport vehicle. Its an automated car. You can summon Navia to you by using your smartphones or call it up from your desktop PC. First ever world’s commercially available self-driven car that can carry 8 passengers and travel at maximum speed of 12.5 mph (20.1 km/h) is simple, safe and environment-friendly mobility solution. This intelligent, electric and driverless vehicle is now available in the U.S.

This innovative mobility solution has been designed to complement conventional transport (public or private) by taking care of the “last mile” (and the first). It can be ideal mobility solution for pedestrianized city centers, large industrial sites, airports, theme parks, university campuses or hospital complexes. You can summon Navia to you by using your smartphones or call it up from your desktop PC.

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When users get on board the shuttle they find a touchscreen offering the various stops the shuttle goes to. They select their destination on the screen, and the shuttle automatically sets off for it. Once there, the doors open to let passengers get off and on. Being electric, the Navia is silent; it recharges itself unaided at a docking station.

Navia uses onboard lasers and sensors to detect obstacles in its path, so it doesn’t rely on GPS to get from one point to another. It also uses different camera viewpoints for depth mapping and 3D perception to make sure it steers clear of pedestrians and other roadside objects. Navia costs about $250,000.

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You can contact Induct here to get more information about the vehicle.