How to Use Sega Saturn Emulator to Play ISO Games at PC

by on August 20th, 2010

A guest asked about Sega Saturn emulator and how to run ISO game at PC using Sega Saturn emulator. Another TechMynd’s guest (sami) has created a little tutorial and recommend us. He used Daemon Tools with Sega Saturn emulator to play ISO game. Use Sega Saturn with Daemon Tools to play ISO games at PC. In the following example ‘Satourne Sega Saturn Emulator’ was used. SEGA_100.BIN (Bios) file is required for Sega Saturn to work. Daemon Tools was used to mount game ISO (Game image).

Video Demonstration – Play ISO games at PC

Download High Resolution Video Demonstration File (13.5 MB)

Sega Saturn Emulator + Daemon Tools – Usage

Steps involved are following:

Download Game ISO file. You will find rar or zip file for the game. When you will extract it, you will get ISO file and .CUE file in it.
Download ‘Satourne Emulator’.
Download SEGA_100.BIN file.
Satourne Emulator home is here.
But I would recommend you to download altered version which includes SEGA_100.BIN file as well.
Download altered version of Satourne (ready to use – SEGA_100.BIN included) (2.93 MB).
Download Daemon Tools.
Install Daemon Tools and run it.
Mount game ISO with Daemon Tools.
Run Saturn emulator and provide it details, ISO path and BIOS path.
You will have to click at every icon of emulator and give it paths for ISO, path for Bios file and configure other drivers as described in video above.
Run the emulator and the game should be running.

If you prefer to download BIOS files separately then here these are.


Sega Saturn bios (Euro) (446 KB)
Sega Saturn bios (US) (448 KB)
Sega Saturn bios (JAP) (442 KB)

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  1. Utkarsh says:

    hey, please tell me how to give the path of iso to satourne emulator..

  2. Lion Master says:

    yo i’m really happy for you and imma let you finish but ssf is one of the best saturn emulators of all time!