Secure Router Port Forwarding for Online Gamers

by on May 4th, 2009


Every experienced gamer knows that it is important to play with the best to improve their gaming experience. Which means you will often find yourself playing with people across the World Wide Web. This also requires that you use multiple ports and forward them on your Router while playing your game. You will need to decide which ports to keep open (forward) and which to close. And sometimes, you just don’t know whether a port needs to be forwarded or not! Or to even detect the applications that open ports or to ensure that it is done only with your consent.

Port Mapper handles this tedious task silently and efficiently in the background as you make the most of your gaming sessions. Port Mapper makes it easy to open ports. It works with your Router/Internet gateway, and is fully customizable, giving you complete control over the way programs communicate over your network. Port Mapper is inherently more secure than manually opens and closing ports because it only forwards the ports when needed and closes after that. With Port Mapper running in your system you need not worry about how are you going to forward a particular port to your router. This is achieved automatically as soon as you give ‘permission’ to map a particular port. If an unwanted port is opened and you feel that this may give rise to a security threat, Port Mapper enables you to block that port. Thus, your system is protected from the threats.

With an easy, User-friendly interface, Port Mapper helps you enjoy your Home Network. Supports wireless connectivity and notifies you when you go out of range of the gateway. If you are a gaming freak who loves gaming on the internet and don’t want to be disturbed with the manual opening and closing of ports at your router, you will love this tiny tool for sure.

Download Port Mapper

Download Port Mapper