Secure and Protect Desktop, Control Panel and All Applications

by on December 8th, 2009


Desklock Security is an easy-to-use desktop protection system to keep your computer secure from both malicious and inexperienced users. The application allows you to lock down and password protect particular windows, programs, Control Panels, Start menu items, and system components.

There are times when you want to control everything at your PC. This simple utility allows you to easily control what other users can access on your PC. Desklock Security operates by password-protecting specified programs or system areas. The interface is just a tiny gray box with a few buttons, so most users won’t have trouble finding their way around. You can configure the application to lock any program on your computer, and it can also block components found in the Start menu and the Control Panel. The utility lets you set permissions for different users.

Program Freatures
  • Lock any Program/Application
  • Disable Start Menu Button
  • Disable Taskbar Buttons
  • DisableWindows Desktop
  • Disable Run
  • Disable “Taskbar Properties”
  • Disable “Printers”
  • Disable “Control Panel”
  • Disable “Shut Down”
  • Disable System
  • Disable User Accounts
  • Disable Sounds
  • Disable Folder ptions
  • Disable Power
  • Disable Modems
  • Disable Display
  • Disable Add/Remove Hardware
  • Disable Add/Remove Programs
  • Disable Date/Time
  • Disable Network
  • Disable Mouse/Keyboard



When the program starts, you have to set a password and its important you remember that password.
Download Desklock Security

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