Search Any Product With Price Comparison Easily

by on August 18th, 2009

Recently a friend called and asked me the recent price of a iPod Mini and couple of other Apple products. Sitting in front of my Laptop involuntarily I went to a very common place to search for products and was amazed to see the results. I recommended my friend some calculations and he went straight to the iShop and got his gadgets. When he got back to me he was asking that how I recommended him almost the exact figures. I told him the obvious secret. We always shop almost everyday. Whether it be online shopping or you go there by yourself and shop it for you, you need to have a rough estimation of price comparison for your own satisfaction. There are many websites and even individual websites for each product you would want to buy. But why stumble here and there when you have got one genuine, easy solution for that. When I will expose this, you will say that “You already knew it!” But you might not had use that so often.

It is Google Products Search. Whether it be MAC Mini, iPod 3g, MAC Keyboard, iPod Mini or be it chicken. Google Products search will provide you images of products, sellers, price comparison and more. Even you can customize your search by relevance, high to low, low to high prices and rating.





Next time you wanna go shopping, try this search to have price comparison options in your mind. You can amaze your friend by recommending almost exact prices for any product he wants.

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