Automatically Shutdown or Restart PC After Given Time

by on January 10th, 2014

People fall asleep without turning off PC, while working with PC or listening to music or audio books. Downloading via download managers and torrents allows us to download large files from internet. This requires a PC that is power on most of the time. While it is okay to use computer excessively but still its better to use caution to not leave it turned on for long hours specially when you are not around. If you have to leave for long hours away from your PC and you need it to do its task whether its uploading your project, downloading large size files from internet or its being fully scanned by antivirus software – you can still shut it down after given period of running time. This will give your PC a break and save energy. Here are few applications that just do that. Schedule a shutdown, restart and more for PC.

Scheduled Shutdown is a little software that you can download and install in your computer.

scheduled shutdown pc

When you want to use it, open it and move the slider to adjust required time and hit start button. Timer will be set and you can ‘switch user’ on your PC and leave your computer at that state. After the time you set will be over and count down will be zero, this software will shut down PC safely.

The application is built in Java and it can accept time up to 12 hours to start count down from. If you do not wish to shut down PC after setting up the timer, you can always cancel the timer.

If you want similar advanced controls and options, you can have a look at Shutdown Monster, and Simple Shutdown Scheduler.

Simple Shutdown Scheduler can schedule shutdown or reboot PC – even the computers in network area. It is multi-threaded software so it won’t hang PC. You can power down PC, restart PC or put it to sleep state after given time. You can also select to force PC to take specified action because in some cases Windows waits for programs to be closed manually before shutting down or restarting. This software solves this problem. You can select the date and exact time when you want to perform specified action. It needs your computer username and password to set this timer.

simple shutdown

simple shutdown

Shutdown Monster is a utility – written in Delphi – that can make your PC turn off at a specified time. You can set a countdown, type in an exact date and time, or even specify a file to check periodically. Shutdown Monster offers few more functions in its ‘fast access’ section. You can shutdown, logg off, restart PC or put it to hibernate or stand by state. You can set it to lock the PC after specified time and day. You can eject CD tray or close it. You can clear clipboard and temp files. You can even turn monitor off or on by using it. This utility has got more tools in it as compared to the above two utilities.

shutdown monster


Now you do not need to worry about if you fall asleep infront of your PC without turning it off or if you are leaving PC turned on for a long time. These software will schedule your desired action after the time you set.