How to Show Kids, Santa Putting Gifts Under Christmas Tree in Your Home

by on December 20th, 2011

add santa in any photo

Have you ever been questioned by your kids that “where is santa?” Now you can show your kids while they were sleeping that Santa actually visited your home, dropped gifts, played with your toys, ate their cookies and went off. You can take a picture of your living room, Christmas tree or bed room and display Santa in it easily.

Instant Santa is an app for iDevices that allows users to add Santa to any photo. Using the camera or selecting from the photo reel, you can scale, rotate, and position Santa any way you want to fit your photo. Have fun at this Christmas showing Santa to your kids in your home.

There is a default free Santa you can choose to add in any photo or you can purchase good Santa pack or bad Santa pack. Good Santa pack contains 6 different Santa poses. You can show your kids that you saw Santa putting gifts under Christmas tree via modified photo of your room. You can even show your kids that you caught Santa eating their cookies.

Bad Santa is a fun part where you can choose from 9 different poses. Have fun putting Santa in crazy, and possibly offensive situations.

After taking a photo save it to your library or share it via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail. After taking a photo with Santa and saving it you can even select that photo from the reel and add in another Santa. Add as many Santas as you want to any photo.

App size is 15.0 MB and its developed by Fueled Inc.

Download Santa App

Download Santa App