Run Any Program From Run Menu

by on October 29th, 2007

One of the things I love to have in my Windows machine is the ability to run all my softwares from the Run menu. It’s fun and time saving. I just have to remember the names of the programs that I want to run from the Run menu. For example, I rename the Mozilla Firefox shortcut as “ff” and then I can write ff in the Run menu to open the Firefox browser. So here’s what I do:

Create a folder named as ‘shortcuts’ in your C:\ drive.

Right Click My Computer –> Properties –> Advanced –> Environment Variables –>
In System Variables (second one) select Path and click Edit.
Go to the end of the line and type the following (only the one in bold).


So you have to include ;C:\Shortcuts at the end of Path Variables text field. And you’re done. Click OK to continue. Now create a shortcut of your program you want to run from Run menu, rename it to whatever you like and place it in C:\Shortcuts. For example, I create a shortcut of Internet Explorer and rename it to “ie” and place it in the C:\Shortcuts folder.

Now whenever I type ie in my Run menu (Start –> Run), it will open up Internet Explorer. I have shortcuts of about every software I’ve installed and I love these two letter shortcuts.