Finding Right Size of Wallpaper for PC Desktop or Mobile

by on May 21st, 2010

You can easily search wallpapers at Google, Yahoo or Bing search and get loads of results right away. But results you get contain every size of wallpapers which makes you spend more time in searching over internet for the right size of wallpaper for your computer desktop or mobile phone. If you download wallpaper of larger size than your mobile screen or desktop resolution then you will have to crop it to fit it at the screen which is also a time waste.

Here is a tip to find exact size of wallpapers for your computer desktop background or your mobile phone without wasting time in searching too much.

Google – Image ‘with Right Size’ Search

Go to Google > images > enter search keywords and hit enter. Look at the options panel at the left side and select exactly from the size options. Enter width and height of your required wallpaper and search again. This way you can find the wallpapers with the exact size of your monitor screen or mobile screen resolution.

google wallpaper trick techmynd

What about when you do not know about your mobile screen resolution? How you will find the exact wallpaper that will fit your mobile screen without knowing your mobile screen resolution? Use Bing for that. Bing knows what is your current resolution and gives you exactly what you need.

Bing – Image ‘with Right Size’ Search

Bing is smart that way. You open Bing > click at images. Search images and select wallpaper from left panel and there are all the images which will fit to the desktop background and will have exact resolution which your monitor currently has. If you are searching wallpaper images using Bing on your mobile phone then Bing already knows your mobile screen resolution and gives you images with exact size that your mobile phone or computer screen need.

bing wallpapers trick techmynd

When you open in the browser of your mobile phone, it will redirect to the which doesn’t have the “wallpaper” search feature. Scroll down and click the link that says “desktop” which will then switch to the regular desktop version of Bing on your mobile. Now when you will use image search, Bing will automatically use the resolution of your mobile phone for wallpapers.

You can also use this tip to find perfect-sized wallpapers for your iPad – just open on the iPad and use the “wallpaper” option.

In case you do not know where to find Google and Bing, here are URLs: