Restore Windows 7 After PC Restart – Steadier State

by on July 16th, 2013

Restore Windows 7 easily. No matter who uses it and how he uses it! In 3 minutes, you can roll back all changes made to Windows 7 in previous session and get the Windows 7 fresh like newly installed. Steadier State is the fastest and easiest way to restore Windows 7 to an earlier snapshot. On restart, Windows boot screen will provide you two options of ‘roll back Windows’ and ‘Windows 7’. Select ‘roll back Windows’ to restore Windows 7 to healthy state. Steadier State is like old ‘Windows Steady State’ that was discontinued and it makes PC maintenance really easy.


Important Features

  • Give every user a clean virus free system every time
  • Give students ability to configure and learn from messing up a computer without costly downtime
  • Quickly reset computers to clean state
  • No more time wasted trying to remove viruses or reinstalling Windows
  • Its free

Steadier State Video Overview

Download Steadier State

Download Steadier State (10.5 MB)

A similar software is Reboot Restore Rx.