Restore Desktop Icons Position

by on June 17th, 2010

desktop icons position

Look at the position of icons in the above screenshot. Obviously some one has arranged icons to fit his needs. If you use computer a lot or you are a computer professional (developer, designer, writer) or a gamer then it is a chance that you have different software icons placed at desktop and you have arranged those icons e.g. designing software icons in one corner, development software icons in one corner, games icons in the other corner of desktop and text document icons at one place.

Okay! now what will happen if you change the resolution of your computer. Change the resolution to lower resolution and then restore the resolution. The icons position would be lost. They will all gather together and you will need to drag all these one by one to assemble them in groups again. We have solution to this problem.

I test a lot of software, websites and games. Websites need to be tested for different resolutions. Games reset your resolution. Well I have icons arranged at my desktop which change position due to all this. Here is a software that can restore icons position to the state in which you like them every time you change resolution back and forth.


In Windows, when screen resolution changes, the order of the desktop icons very often gets mixed up. With DeskSave it is quite easy to recover a previously saved icon layout either manually or automatically. Software developers are given the opportunity to test their applications in different screen resolutions without disarranging the desktop icons.

reorder desktop icons


  • Saves the icon layout according to current user and screen resolution
  • Restoring works properly, even if ‘Auto Arrange’ or ‘Align to Grid’ is activated
  • Accepts command line parameters
  • Auto restore after resolution change, program start or resume from standby / hibernation
  • Auto save at logoff
  • Unicode support, layouts are saved UTF-8 encoded
  • Starts with Windows, if desired
  • Saves icon layouts to files
  • Undo after restoration
  • Provides backups of current and saved layouts
  • Optional portable mode, leaves no traces on the system
  • Supports multiple displays
  • Optional shell extension for the desktop, thereby easy access to functions without background process
  • Very small size
  • No setup routine, just unpack the archive and DeskSave is ready
  • Easy deletion of all saved primary layouts, backups settings, DeskSave is completely removable

Download DeskSave (size: 169 KB)

Shock Desktop

It is utility to save or recover desktop icon locations. It provide easy recovery of icon locations and additionally, it provides showing desktop icon in front or hide desktop icon.

Download Shock Desktop (size: 468KB)

Icon Restore

Icon Restore installs LAYOUT.DLL (along with the required registry entries) from Microsoft. Two new options are added to the pop up menu that opens when any Windows system icon (ex. My Computer) is right clicked. These options are “Save Desktop Icon Layout” and “Restore Desktop Icon Layout“.

After installing Icon Restore, simply place your icons wherever you want them on your desktop, right click My Computer (or any ‘system’ icon) and left click on “Save Desktop Icon Layout” from the pop up menu. If your icons ever get moved because your computer entered safe mode or you changed the screen resolution, right click My Computer (or any ‘system’ icon) and left click on “Restore Desktop Icon Layout” from the pop up menu. Icon Restore is the perfect solution for people that have to change the screen resolution often.

Download Icon Restore (size: 249KB)