Reboot PC to Have a Fully Functional PC Every Time – Reboot to Restore

by on July 16th, 2013

Get the fully functional PC every time you reboot it. Any virus infections, registry changes, malware infections will be cleaned and fixed automatically on PC reboot and you will get the PC fresh as new. Reboot Restore Rx is a freeware utility designed for this purpose that makes it easy to maintain computer in small public access computing environments such as classrooms, computer labs, kiosks, restaurants, internet cafes, libraries, etc. Every time you restart the computer, it will automatically reset to your desired baseline settings. It will even restore and fix unbootable Windows.

Users are not careful when using computers in classrooms, internet cafes, libraries, restaurants, computer labs and in such places computer regular maintenance is a hectic job. To eliminate this problem this software is a must have tool. It simplifies the PC management in shared computing environments.

Reboot Restore Rx is a non-restrictive hard drive restore product designed for public access PC management. The PC users have complete control over the PC. But regardless of what they do, including erasing files, installing software or even hacking the system registry, this software will automatically restore PC to a predefined configuration and settings, every time the PC is restarted, or turned on. It making the workstations perfectly configured and available for the next user without any maintenance.

Important Features

  • Restore on PC reboot
  • Reset to baseline on PC start up or hard reset
  • One-Click instant updates
  • VMWare support
  • Protects the MBR
  • Works below Windows
  • Mini OS access
  • Restore from unbootable Windows

Reboot Restore Rx drastically reduces computer maintenance costs. Reboot Restore Rx has its own Mini OS that boots prior to Windows and functions at the sector level of the hard drive, not within Windows like traditional reboot-on-restore type applications. Thus Reboot Restore Rx protects the Master Boot Record (MBR), maintaining unmatched system integrity.

Its better than reinstalling Windows, better than Windows imaging technology. The days of having to re image your hard drives, or worse, having to format and reinstall Windows constantly, are finally over! Imaging is a very time-consuming process. This software brings the time required to restore your PC down to seconds. Reboot Restore Rx, will deliver a restored PC every time you press reset.

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Reboot Restore Rx Video Overview

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Download Reboot Restore Rx (4.45 MB)

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