Resize Collection of Photos With Single Click

by on March 31st, 2009


There are lot of programs which can resize image. What if you want to resize a collection of images at a single time with one click? Fotosizer is a freeware batch image resizer tool which resizes photos in a fly. The process is just selection, resize settings and click resize. It is that simple. Sharing photos on the internet is becoming very popular. JPEG files from digital cameras taken at high resolutions are far too large to send over the Internet, with some photos ending up at 5MB. Uploading one photo to a photo sharing website is fine, but 10, 20, or even more, this can take forever, especially on a dial-up connection.

With Fotosizer, you can shrink JPEG image files, along with other supported formats, and dramatically reduce internet transfer times, enabling you to quickly and easily prepare your image collections to be published on the web.

Main Features
  • Choose to resize by percentage of width and height
  • Choose to set custom width and height
  • Maintain aspect ratio
  • Choose where the resized images will be saved
  • Add single image or selection of images
  • Add images from a folder
  • Include sub folders when adding from a folder
  • Shows thumbnail preview list of images due to be resized
  • Shows details such as filename, original file size, file type of images due to be resized
Supported Image Formats

JPEG images (*.jpg, *.jpeg), Portable Network Graphics (*.png), Windows Bitmap (*.bmp), 8-bit Compuserve GIF(*.gif)

Size: 1.21 MB
License: Freeware
Requirements: Win9x/NT/200x/XP/Vista

Download Photosizer

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