Remove Background Noise During VOIP Calls – Record Voice Calls

by on June 24th, 2010

voip voice call noise reduction - call recording

Have you ever noticed background sounds or noises during VOIP calls using Skype or GTalk? Screaming kids? Barking dogs? Keyboard-strokes? You do not need these background noises during VC. Not only you can remove noise but you can make voice clear and sound better and record voice call.

SoliCall is an innovative software that helps VoIP users to reduce unwanted noises during calls, in real time. With SoliCall it will sound less disturbing than it really is.

voip voice call noise reduction, call recording

  • Improve both outgoing & incoming voice quality.
  • Noise cancellation/suppression including personalized tuning.
  • Echo Cancellation/Echo Suppression including server side AEC.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC).
  • Minimize the risk of an acoustic shock by constantly keeping the audio signal at a comfortable level.

SoliCall is aimed at improving the sound quality when making any type of VoIP call (e.g. PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone). SoliCall is designated to reduce ambient sounds that the speaker may have. Its noise reduction performance can be enhanced by tuning it to a specific speaker. SoliCall can also screen the incoming audio.

SoliCall itself is aimed at improving the user’s experience by giving him better sound quality when making any type of VoIP call. Another feature you will find in this software enables the users to record their calls. The audio files will be saved automatically under the user’s name. The user can easily choose the library in which the audio files will be saved.

Integrating SoliCall With VoIP Software

Before integrating your VoIP program, you need to configure SoliCall to the microphone / speakers you want it to work with.

Go to SoliCall menu: Tools > Options

Choose the Sound Devices you are using with your VoIP program. Once you have done so, or if you don’t have more than one option in the drop down lists (Audio In & Audio Out), you can go on and configure your VoIP program.

Skype Configuration

To set up SoliCall, go to Skype menu: Tools > Options > Sound Devices (Audio Settings).

Set the Audio In (Microphone) and the Audio Out (Speakers) to “SoliCall Audio Device” and click ‘Save’.

Yahoo Messenger Configuration

To set up SoliCall, go to Yahoo! Messenger menu: Messenger > Preferences > Calling & Audio.

Just set the Microphone and the Speakers to “SoliCall Audio Device”, then click Apply and OK.

Google Talk Configuration

To set up SoliCall for Google Talk, click the Settings link. In the Settings dialog select ‘Audio’ on the left side.

On the Input – microphone or headset drop down list select “SoliCall Audio Device”. On the Output – speakers or headset, under the subsection Calls, select “SoliCall Audio Device”. Click OK.

MSN Messenger Configuration

To set up SoliCall for MSN Messenger, go to the menu: Tools > Audio and Video Setup or Audio Tuning Wizard. Click ‘Next’.

Step 1: Speaker Setup drop down list select “SoliCall Audio Device”.

Step 2: Microphone Setup drop down list. Click ‘Next’ until setup is finished

VOIP Settings Other Programs

To set up SoliCall for other VoIP programs, go to the program’s main window, look for the audio settings (usually through settings/tools-options/preferences) and change the Audio In (microphone) and the Audio Out (speakers) to SoliCall Audio Device.

The application is originally developed for Windows 2000/XP, it will not install on Windows 7 unless it is run with Windows XP Compatibility mode.

Download SoliCall

Download SoliCall (size: 1.06 MB)

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  1. Azman says:

    I can’t integrate skype with SoliCall Audio Device..there’s no function to select..why??