Remove Browse to Save PopUp Virus and Adwares from PC

by on June 6th, 2013

Browse to Save is an adware program that shows itself in web pages as links. On mouse over those links, you get the title of link named as “browse to save”. The target landing pages will be different webpages e.g. eBay, Amazon, Walmart or different web services. Its kind of an ads popup virus. If your PC is infected with “browse to save” adware, you will notice in-text links in every web page that you open in web browser. In regular text of webpage specific keywords will become these underline ads. It can also display ads in shape of boxes containing various coupons, which when clicked will display advertisements that displays: “brought to you by browse to save”. This adware enters in PC as an unwanted program that comes with installer of any freeware program that you downloaded from web. You should pay attention while installing software, because often freewares come with additional installs that you can choose to install or not. Be careful what yo agree to install. Always use custom installation and see if there are additional installs with that installer. Uncheck if there are any additional installs that you do not need or do not know about. Here is how to remove “browse to save” adware program.

Many users won’t notice if they see “browse to save” ads in web pages, because they might take it as regular ads displayed by website owner. Webmasters, however will notice if they see this. When I saw this on my PC in my web pages, I immediately thought that what kind of ads these are. I never installed such ads for my website. It took me little time to figure out that it was basically an adware that was displaying its ads on every webpage that I opened.

Precaution is to not install additional unwanted programs that come with certain freewares. As for removal, you will have to follow these instructions.

Browse to Save Adware Removal

Windows Defender or Windows Security Essentials won’t detect such infections. Many adwares and spywares can go unnoticed for Windows Defender.

The infection can be due to a web browser add-on, or installed program or hidden program that is not in web browser add-ons and also not in the installed programs.

Uninstall Browse to Save Adware

First step is to see if its an installed program.
Go to PC control panel and open ‘add or remove programs’ (or programs and features).
Search there or see if you can find Browse2Save entry. If yes, uninstall it.
This program can be hidden (renamed) so if you can not find Browse2Save, look for any other suspicious program entry that is there in the list of installed softwares that you do not recognize. If yes, uninstall it.

Remove Browse to Save from Web Browser

We will look if Browse to Save in installed as web browser extension in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Remove Browse to Save from Internet Explorer

Open internet explorer, Click on gear icon (on XP click tools in IE) at the top right, select ‘manage add-ons’.
Click at toolbars and extensions tab.
See if there is any entry like Browse2Save, Browse to Save or Browse2Save Class. If yes disable it.

Remove Browse to Save from Mozilla Firefox

In Firefox click ‘tools’ from menu bar and select ‘Add-ons’.
Select extension tab and remove Browse2Save entry if its there.

Remove Browse to Save from Google Chrome

Click Chrome menu in the top right corner.
Select ‘Tools’, click on ‘Extensions’.
If there is an entry of Browse2Save, disable it by unchecking it and then remove it by clicking on recycle bin icon in front of it.

By following these steps, you will get rid of Browse to Save adware but there might be registry keys of this program as well. You can use some good Anti-adware software cleans malicious registry entries. Anti-adware software will further ensure complete removal of adwares and unwanted programs from PC.

Remove Browse to Save by using Anti-Virus Tools

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, install it and run a complete system scan. If there are infections, it will display results in the end. Remove those infections.

Download AdwCleaner and use it to delete registry entries created by malicious unwanted software.

For me, it was not in the installed programs and it was not in web browser extensions. So I used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware that deleted PUP.Adware.Multiplug and then I used AdwCleaner that deleted few registry entries and cleaned web browsers from unwanted add-ons and extensions. These two software solved my problem.


You can also use HITMANPRO to further clean PC.

SpyBot Search and Destroy is also good PC cleaner.

We have shared many free tools on TechMynd that can scan and clean PC. Few of these resources I am sharing below.

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