Remix Songs Collection by Shaking Smart Device with Music Maker Jam

by on January 25th, 2014

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Magix has released one of the most triumphant music remix app for android and iOS smart phones and tablets. Music maker jam is a free app for touch devices which makes it easy to play with music and mix songs from your songs collection with a playful approach easily and quickly. Just shake device and shuffle songs to create a new remix.

Music maker jam ensures you particular innate and familiar handling by operating concept, specifically adapted to android control. The applications automatically identifies whether it is being used on a smart phone or tablet.
Music maker jam is an outstanding application for those who love to remix their own music in an exciting and fun way. It provides you maximum ease of use in minimum space. Moreover, android version users can enjoy a content package absolutely free of cost with four different music styles.

  • Hip Hop Vol.1
  • Electric Jazz
  • Berlin Minimal
  • Rock Ballads

The loops from different music genres allow you to create your own song in no time. The professionally made loops can be united with each other to create your own new desired song. Music maker jam allows you to add incredible effects to songs in real-time. You can mix songs using the 8-track mixer for faultless sound.

Its features includes:

  • Adjust the melody and tempo (BPM) using the step sequencer.
  • Add astonishing effects to songs in real-time.
  • 4 free music styles with free loops, hip hop vol.1, jazz, rock and dance.
  • Mix the songs by 8-track mixer.
  • Utilize your own background images for projects.
  • Clear song structures.
  • Assign new loops with Shake Function to tracks.
  • Change the effect settings by naming the device with the “tilt Function”.
  • Record songs as audio files and share with friends.
  • Combine several music styles by using loop selector.

Music Maker Jam is free application and it is available for all smart phone devices. Given its unique and pleasant features, this app worth checking out.


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