Pay your Bills by Recycling Plastic Bottles

by on September 27th, 2013

China plastic recycling

If you live in China, you can pay your subway travelling bills by plastic bottles. Isn’t it interesting? Plastic bottles are being used at a considerable large scale. With large quantity of plastic usage, environment preservation problem has been a growing issue that seems to be solved by Beijing subway owners.

In Beijing, China, owners of subway have introduced a mechanism which takes plastic bottles from travelers in exchange for money for tickets to ride in the subway train. You will not be required to pay money to travel in a subway train. You just have to provide a plastic water/juice bottle to the machine and you can have a ride to your destination.

More than 100 recycle-to-ride devices are being installed for this purpose. Donors will receive between 5 fen and 1 mao (about 1p) on their commuter passes for each polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle they insert into the machine, which then crushes them to a third of their original size and sorts them according to color and type.

Collected plastic bottles are recycled and become available for reuse again. We can find these empty plastic bottles at public places. This amazing technology can be very helpful in cleaning our environment by the same people who consume products in plastic bottles. If such ideas can be implemented on global scale, we will have a much safe and cleaner environment.

With these machines, the owners hope to collect directly from the public and generate extra revenue from government subsidies and sales of advertising shown on the machine’s screens. Rather than having to implement and organize costly task forces to retrieve discarded garbage, China hopes to limit federal spending on resources recovery by collecting plastic bottles directly from citizens with the use of the subway recycling machines. They eventually aim to see the recycling-for-payment machines installed along every subway line as well as bus stops and other public means of transportation, such as parking spots in commercial and residential areas.

If this idea would also be implemented in United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and then other countries then we will ensure a cleaner and safe environment to live for all of us. Consumer will also be able to save few bucks by using the useless plastic bottle that he used to just throw away. We can introduce more wasted products to this program instead of just plastic bottle. A great idea that is being implemented by China right now, is a great motivation for developed and developing countries equally.

In the same way, we can save our forests by introducing used paper to this program. Primary raw material for paper industry is wood. So why not recycle wasted used paper to recreate paper instead of destroying more trees? Forests are natural habitat of wild animals. We will also save wild animals in this process by keeping more forests safe.

Recycling is a great way that should be used immensely to preserve resources whenever possible. By saving our environment and natural resources, we can ensure healthier lives and balanced societies and overall system.