Recover Any FTP Client Password Easily

by on September 15th, 2009


Recover forgotten password from ANY FTP client easily. FTP Password Recovery emulates a local FTP server and thereby allows you to recover the FTP login password for any FTP account you may have, as long as it is cached inside an FTP client program. FTP passwords are commonly cached by FTP programs (WSFTTP,CuteFTP etc.), so you don’t have to enter them each time, but they are usually masked by asterisk or not shown at all. To recover those passwords, you can use the client, that holds the cached password, and connect to FTP Password Recovery, which will then reveal the password it receives from the FTP program. The program can only recover the passwords that are stored on your computer.


Do the following:

  • Open your FTP Client (like CuteFTP, LeechFTP)
  • Open connection properties
  • Write down current FTP server address
  • Change this into
  • Repeat this for all necessary servers
  • Confirm changes
  • Go online (if neccessary)
  • Connect to FTP server
  • Change back original FTP server address
  • Close this program
  • That’s it
Download FTP Password Recovery Tool

Download FTP Password Recovery (10.2 kb)