Record Every Click and Key Stroke For Your PC

by on April 23rd, 2009

Have you ever got the feeling to take your home PC security and privacy to yet further more level? If your PC is used by other family members and/or friends and you want to monitor every log, every keystroke, every click with visual screenshots, complete online history, two way chats and anything happening at your PC used by any user, then here is a secret solution for you.

Superior stealth, secret, invisible keylogger is a very powerful PC and Internet monitoring software, it secretly records absolutely every keystroke entered on your computer, retaining all key information even in the event of an abnormal shutdown. It also records chats from all popular clients. The PRO version incorporates visual surveillance techniques that allow you to set the quality and time period of the screenshots it takes like a surveillance camera. Easy to use and compact – Easy to use and install, it is designed for all levels of users. Low on system requirements, it does not slow your computer down. Monitors Internet activity – An invisible keylogger, it secretly watches Internet activity and logs every web-site visited. You can monitor other PC users activity and act timely if needed to save yourself or others whats not right, using this software.


  • Captures AOL/AIM/Yahoo/ICQ/MSN chats. Records two-way chats. Supports also the latest messengers version: (ICQ, MSN live, Yahoo!, AOL/ AIM)
  • Completely hidden from users; it is invisible in windows NT/2000/XP Task manager and Windows 95/98/ME Task list. It cannot be viewed in registry startup list either, making it a highly effective monitoring solution for your surveillance needs.
  • Captures all passwords – An advanced stealth keylogger, it secretly captures and logs all passwords, even those behind asterisks, so you can immediately identify who logged into your accounts.
  • Online chats – Captures all on-line chats on AOL, AIM, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ in the two-way mode, allowing you to take timely action to protect your family and business interests.
  • Supports all Keyboards – Unlike other keyloggers, this USB Keystroke Recorder supports all international keyboards including a USB keyboard, precluding the need for a separate adapter set for USB operation.
  • Enables log viewing by simple press of the button.
  • Auto-run at startup – no need for a manual launch.
  • Monitors all users of the PC – even if you don’t know their passwords.
  • User friendly log – It records all applications run and text typed, logging the password, time, date, window caption and the launched program options in an easy to understand format.
  • The PRO version will also send the log to you by e-mail, no matter where you are, allowing you to easily find, open, save or delete data. The user-friendly log is accessible only to you via a unique username and password that only you can change
  • Visual surveillance – (PRO version) All you have to do is to click to enable visual surveillance and customize the degree of picture quality and the time period that should elapse between screen shots.
  • Monitors opened applications and windows – (PRO version) Information for the user, date and time.
  • Password protected – (PRO version) In the settings dialog you can enter your password, so the program can be started only with this password.
  • UDP/TCP connections logging
Download Smart Keystroke recorder Pro

Download Smart Keystroke recorder Pro

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