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by on November 25th, 2008

Ever Witnessed 3 Hours Old Content At Front Page of Google? I Did Just Now.
You can reach at the front page of Google in hours time, may be in minutes (Update: Yes 15 minutes, if using a WordPress blog). I will tell you how!!!

Have a look at the image below. It is said by SEO guys that it takes 3 months at least for SEO of any new content and to bring it at the front page of Google. Google is sharp and can distinguish between popular and simple content. Last evening (23 Nov 2008) was Lahore Bloggers Meetup in LUMS. We attended that and in the morning today (24 Nov 2008) I posted the event review. By chance after 4 hours, I hit search button to find some new information about the event by any other blogger but Guess What?

I found my post at the first page of Google which was published before just 4 HOURS. You can find other posts too in following image which was published before 3 HOURS long period. Sounds like twitter, eh!

Right!!! What does this mean?

– Am I a Super SEO Guy?
– Did I do something special with the content?


I just published a recent event at my BLOG and some friends came along and shared their thoughts. Post got attention and Google picked it up.

  • Get a BLOG.
  • Write Original Content.
  • Be Social.

You will be noticed. I believe that every IT professional or Tech enthusiastic should have a blog.
Go get one… Unfortunately, there are just two popular choices I can recommend and fortunately both are great.




A friend told me that try and not
I did and here is the result and answer to the comment. Blogs has got real potential.

3 Reviews

  1. asim says:

    hey, thanks. btw, you have got a nice decent blog. keep up the good work, i can see your interests rooting in SEO and all. Well, I am a computer scientist/student and research on information mining, data crawlers, machine learning (and all that crap u know). oh yeah, and i created sometime back so that’s from where i came to your blog. -Anyway, nice work dude, kudos! Cheers!

  2. asim says:

    No, dude. Google and major search engines are notified by the WordPress engine on each new submission/post. It’s called “Ping”. Google bumps it up immediately because of their algorithm; however if you check the same entry again after 1 month you will definitely have lost your ranking. Real rankings come after about 6 months when google crawlers start bringing your site under their mean normalization of results to ensure highly appropriate and relevant entries pop up.

    I also think you got the above result on ‘’. Try

  3. Hiroshi says:

    Right buddy… You are right. The default search page was which was appearing in my browser. Just checked at and now the post is at 6th number there, not the 8th. I am updating this post, right away. The pinging services. Yes that’s what Blogs has got. This is what all about blogging and now you should start a blog, buddy. Not just pinging services; blogs have got more to serve search engines. After 6 months or so definitely this post will get old and more powerful content might pop out and this post might go down. You are right.

    BTW, you have got nice home page and good portfolio. Really a good webmaster, you are.
    Thumbs up!