Ravmon Virus Killer Patch, Ravmon Virus Removal Tool

by on October 30th, 2007

ravmonLets first discuss Infection Symptoms. When you Open any drive in My Computer by right clicking, the Context menu will have a chinese like language & when you click on this language on context menu, the drive will not open but the Open With dialouge will ask you to “Choose the program you want to use to open this file:”. Also by double clicking any drive same thing happens. Context Menu and OpenWith Dialogue will look like this.

The Ravmon virus does also corrupt your Folder Options. So when you open Folder Options and try to check “Show hidden files and folders” and click ok. My Computer will not show hidden files, also “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” option will not be working. Error launching Task Manager, Registry Editor and Command prompt which is also solved by this tool.



Error Message that the command prompt has been disabled by your administrator on opening command prompt by cmd run command is also a symptom.

How Does Ravmon Virus Spreads?

Ravmon Virus mostly spreads from USB Flash drives. So to prevent this virus from breaking into your pc you must start an Anti-Virus before plugining a Flash drive into your pc.

For Removing Ravmon virus and its effects download this tool, run it and Restart your computer.

Ravmon Virus Removal Tool 3.1.5 (Updated)

This tool removes infections of the Ravmon virus e.g. My Computer drives opening, Folder Options missing from Tools Menu, Folder Options “Show Hidden Files and Folder” not working.It also enables Task Manager, Registry Editor and Command Prompt if they have been disabled by some another virus. This tool is seamlessly compatible with Windows 2000/XP.

Note: If you do have Windows Vista then you will not suffer from any of the problems by Ravmon Virus.

Ravmon Virus Removal Tool Technical Description

Tool Removes autorun.inf (placed in the root of every drive),ravmon.exe (place in the root of every drive),mdm.exe,SCVHOST.exe, SVCHOST.ini (this is a virus file not MS file)
Deletes these entries from registry
NoFolderOptions, NoControlPanel, DisableTaskMgr, DisableRegistryTools, DisableCMD
Sets these Registy Entries


ravmon killer

ravmon killer

Software have also these options
  • Enable Run
  • Restore All Folder Options Settings (Windows XP only)
  • Disable AutoPlay on All drives (To prevent Viruses from entering into your PC while you plug-in Flash Drive)

You can see these features while you click Restore Windows Default Settings.

Note : The different Options like Enable Task Manager will not work until the Task Manager is actually disabled.

Download Link

ravmon-removal-tool (updated)

Try also manually-remove-ravmon-virus

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  1. Jishith says:

    It works. Very Good.Thank You.

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  3. RICHIE says:

    Thanks everybody, i finally rid myself of that virus. Thankyou Techmynd!

  4. Mukesh says:

    this is very strong & powerful antivirus….

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    Useful resource. Thanks.

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  7. lnt says:

    Ohhh thanks! it works… I couldn’t get rif of that virus…

    Works perfectly… really, thanks!!!

  8. Hiroshi says:

    You can also follow these steps for above problem, to clean PC from VB script problem
    1. Goto Explorer->Tools->Folder Option->File Types
    2. Delete VBS extention (now WScript hosting will not execute VBS file)
    3. Restart PC, Open Explorer ->Tools->Folder Option->View, here check Show Hidden Files and Folders
    4. Now search your pc for MS32DLL.dll.vbs files and delete those
    5. Next step is to clean your boot.ini that reside in Windows folder e.g. in XP C:\Windows\boot.ini
    this is very important step, you need to boot system with some other OS say linux or DOS bootable
    edit boot.ini and make appropriate changes(you may refer microsoft site for this), You can do like,
    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /fastdetect

  9. Hiroshi says:

    Hi John.
    Its type is VB Script and it copies itself to removable drives.
    Try finding
    and remove killvbs.vbs file from there.
    You may get RogueRemover from http://www.malwarebytes.org or AVG AntiSpyware from http://www.free.grisoft.com and try cleaning your computer.
    More information about steps; how to completely clean your PC can be found here.
    Hope it will work for your problem about killvbs.vbs

  10. john walker says:

    Will the “ravmon-removal-tool ” remove the “killvbs.vbs” bug I seem to have gotten from a dirty usb drive? I think this is the same Ravmon, isn’t it?

    Thank you.
    John Walker

  11. farman ali rana says:

    good web site

  12. Hiroshi says:

    Best of luck Raja. Keep your PC healthy and safe.

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