Allow Users to Upload Files in Your RapidShare Account

by on May 13th, 2013

Services like Dropbox, Skydrive and Google drive have made it easy to store files online. But more users are familiar with RapidShare. If you want to allow users to upload their files in your RapidShare account for free then it is easy. Friends who use RapidShare together can get benefit from this or a company can get file updates from employees or clients by using this method. All you have to do is to create a shared folder and set its privileges in a right way. I have also explained three different levels of RapidShare folders access and how to set RapidShare folder privileges.

rapidshare folder access

Go to RapidShare file manager.
Click ‘new folder’ button.
Name your folder
Below, in front of Public Access there are three check boxes

Checking first box will allow users to only view the files in that folder.
Checking first and second box will allow users to view files and download files from that folder.
Checking the three boxes will allow users to view files, download files from that folder and upload files in that folder.

So if you want to create a public folder on RapidShare that can be used by other users to upload files to, then check those three boxes to set the privileges and you are good to go. Share the link of that RapidShare folder with others who want to upload files.