QUIP to Manage Documents from Anywhere for Android and iOS

by on January 28th, 2014

Quip is a contemporary word processor with integrated messaging facility and collaborative tool which makes it easy to create and share documents with simple and user friendly interface from any device and from anywhere.

It is the best way to share to-do lists, take notes, and create documents — from your device or desktop. Quip is a modern word processor that enables you to create beautiful documents on any device — phones, tablets, and the desktop. It combines documents and messages into a single chat-like “thread” of updates — making collaboration easy.

There are two main screens: Desktop and Inbox. Desktop contains all the documents and folder created by you and shared with you. Inbox shows all the documents shared by you, edited by you and the messages sent to you through quip.

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This app will search your contacts book to share a document. Every recent edit made in the document can be tracked down. The log of every single edition is shown on the side of each document. You will get notification in the app through email when the other contributor add or delete any document.

Quip saves visual representation of edits into a document called as Diffs.

Addition in the document is highlighted with green colour and deletion of any document is highlighted with red. There are also read receipts at the bottom of each document showing who have read the message or edits. Several tasks are performed by this word processor:

  • Performance of basic writing tasks
  • Editing
  • Highlight words can be given the underline, bold even italic effect
  • Insertion of photos
  • Creation of bullets
  • Numbering of lists
  • Enables ones to create documents on your device
  • Collaboration between messages and documents

Every document has a chat like thread of update. This app is easy to use by signing up into it, just using your email address and Google password. If you have an email account of any other service, you need to have a separate account with quip only password.

Quip is a free app and it is available to work on Android, desktops, iPhones, iPad, I Pod. Quip can be used irrespective of device and location.

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