Ask and Get Answer from Trusted People

by on August 15th, 2011

While there are several services to place your question and get answer from the community but there is always room for more. These services include Yahoo Answers, Answers, Answering Experts, Smashing Solution and many more. Every service has one or more unique feature(s) that makes it different from the others. We are going to share another startup in this context that is a part of Google now. The service is a social search engine that finds the right people, not web pages, that have specific information. Its a personalized question-and-answer service that intelligently finds the right person to answer your question.

Aardvark is a service that can find your answer from the social community and from the right people you know.

How it works

Send Advark a question. Advark finds the perfect person to answer that question. Get the response in few minutes from trusted people in your network.

Get registered at Advark, then send a question via Twitter to @vark. The service figures out which of your friends or friends-of-friends is most qualified to answer your question. Then the service asks them to give you an answer. Advark also searches through Facebook, looking for the right person in your network to answer your question.

Aardvark will actually look at your past blog posts, existing online profiles, and tweets to identify what topics you know about. It only has to pair you with a person who knows best about the topic of your interest.