How QR Codes Can Impact Your SEO Strategy

by on July 18th, 2011

Search engine optimization just got better with the increasing popularity of a tiny rectangular 2D barcode. Quick Response or QR codes are barcodes that contain information embedded in the form of patterns. When scanned using a smart phone the codes are interpreted and direct you to a URL location on the Internet or provide the user with specific information about a product or service. SEO firms have realized the potential of these codes and adopted them to drive qualitative traffic to websites and convert them into customers.

There is a robust demand for smart phones in the consumer market and sales have risen exponentially. This has given rise to the inclusion of mobile marketing campaigns and mobile SEO strategies to target the expanding mobile consumer base. The synergy of SEO and QR codes could open up a whole world of possibilities for the average marketer. Since the underlying characteristic of SEO is to drive traffic and gain visibility for web content, QR codes can successfully facilitate the process of converting offline traffic into qualitative online traffic.

Advantages of using QR codes in your SEO strategy

  • Web traffic – QR codes are undoubtedly one of the best ways to effectively direct your targeted audience to your website. The QR codes can be used to revamp traditional marketing mediums such as print, billboards and several other forms of advertising. Unlike traditional ads which require you to dial a number or type a URL manually to access the content, QR codes expedite this process by linking you directly to a website by simply scanning the code with your smart phone.
  • Higher sales conversions – The information about products and services that is embedded in QR codes can be accessed immediately by prospective customers. QR codes can be used to successfully optimize ecommerce websites by coding all the information about your store and products in the unique 2D barcode. Now customers on the move can instantly link themselves to an ecommerce website and browse the various products that are on offer. This would inevitably lead to higher sales conversions for a business enterprise.
  • Link building as predicted – Link building has always been an integral component of any comprehensive SEO strategy and a great way to generate organic traffic. Given the convenience with which content can be accessed on smart phones using QR codes, there is a huge possibility that the 2D bar code could play an instrumental role in the link building process. With the increasing popularity of QR codes, search engines would change their algorithms and enable their spiders to crawl these codes and obtain information about the quality of content and relevance of a website. Hence, it is possible that QR codes would soon replace hyperlinks and help to generate organic traffic.

In time to come QR codes are going to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. The increasing patronage of smart phones has made this possible by transcending the limitations of computers. This would create the possibility of integrating traditional mediums of advertising along with an SEO strategy that would lead to optimal generation of website traffic and higher search engine rankings.


Chris Burns writes for Search Engine Optimization X, a full service SEO and Pay Per Click management company.