Puxee Advertising Network Review

by on June 29th, 2011

Puxee is a relatively new blog advertising network that was launched in January 2011 for publishers to monetize the traffic of their websites. It works somewhat like BuySellAds. They present the ad space directly to the advertisers to buy highly targeted advertising on niche websites to increase their sales, leads and conversions. Publishers receive payments via Paypal while advertisers can buy ad spaces using credit cards and or Paypal.

Publishers can sell their ad space directly to the advertisers and get paid instantly into their PayPal accounts. They can control the ad space and gain exposure for their websites. Publishers keep 75% of the total sales. Puxee keeps 25% of the sales from the publishers, same percentage as BuySellAds.


Advertisers can generate more leads through niche website advertising. They pay for fixed 30 days cost for their ad display.
Scale up the sliders for price range and impressions at Puxee and you will know that currently (today – 29 jun 2011) there is only one website above 300,000 impressions per month (wallpaper1080hd) available to advertisers. Advertisers will also take time to come to this new advertising network. Few advertisers and publishers have found Puxee yet.
Anyways, here comes the BuySellAds competitor. Buy ads on blogs via Puxee. This might be the best alternative for BuySellAds.


They show similar websites to advertisers below the details of every site’s individual page. The payment option is only Paypal and the ad size options are limited. There is not custom ad size option there but we can expect the new features and improved Puxee in coming months.

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