Password Protect USB Ports – Allow Only your USB in Your PC

by on April 27th, 2010

Stealing information – or just reading it without permission – is a lot easier from any PC. All you have to do is stick a USB thumb drive into a port, copy some files, and put the drive back into your pocket. Protecting your USB is fine but what about USB ports protection? Your important confidential data in your personal computer can be at risk if someone approaches your PC when you are away from home. Whether you’re an IT professional, a small business owner, or just someone who cares about sensitive data security, this software can help protect you against data theft. Secure your PCs endpoints. You will be able to restrict the use of the USB ports and other endpoints on your desktop PC or notebook and effectively prevent unwanted data introduction or data leakage from your PC.

A lot of us are pretty careful about encrypting our backups, and the info we send over the internet, but then leave a big hole in our security by not protecting our files from being copied to a drive that fits in a pocket and can easily hold all our private information.

MyUSBOnly Features
  • Prevent data loss while you are away from home.
  • USB device control software for your Personal Computer or Notebook.
  • Stop information leakage such as documents, digital photos and videos.
  • Prevent un-trusted USB storage devices from family members or visitors.
  • Prevent data theft by blocking all but your trusted USB storage devices. Stop your files from walking away on thumb drives, mp3 players, flash cards and portable USB hard drives.
  • It will check a whitelist of allowed devices by USB brand (if you want to allow a certain USB brand that is used by the company) or by serial number (for specific USB devices you want to allow).
  • Secretly log all USB connect and disconnect activity.
  • Get an email notification message when an unauthorized USB storage device is connected to your PC.
  • Run it invisibly, so you can catch, as well as deter, problem coworkers, visitors, family members, or managers (paid option).

A reliable and easy-to-use solution for USB lock-down. Prevent any family members or visitors who try to copy your information while you are away from home. Installing MyUSBOnly is simple and quick; your USB ports will be fully protected in seconds.

How to Use

After installation a taskbar icon of USB will appear. Click that and select ‘General Setup’.
Give default password: 0000
Hit enter.
Next screen will offer you a lot of customization for USB protection.

usb ports protection

Requirement: You will need to provide real email address to get software key for home user.

Download USB Ports Protection Utility

Download MyUSBOnly (1.85 MB)
MyUSBOnly Homepage