Productive Games to Play in Office which Do not Look Like Games

by on December 7th, 2009

How to look productive in office while playing games? Have you ever wondered how to play games at office PC infront of all colleagues and yet they won’t know that you are playing games? In offices, management tends to put restriction at all PCs of workers leaving no choice for employees but to work. This stressful environment without any entertainment produce stressful employees which fail to show more productivity while working. You can’t work all the time, you will agree on that. Everybody needs time for entertainment everyday. Here are some online games which are addictive, productive and yet these do not look like games at all. Your colleague or boss won’t recognize that you are playing games.

Cost Cutter


Keep the data as low as possible and your points will sky rocket. This is a spread sheet with a block in center containing a chart. You have to click the similar colored boxes to destroy them and keep the cost down.

Cost cutter



This game is all about erasing as much text as possible. There is a ball you need to hit and shoot towards the text and as it will collide the text, text will be erased one by one word and word sheet will move upwards to new level.




The game will open in what appears to be a spreadsheet program. Steer the space ship with your keypad through the graph and dock on the landing platform. Be careful not to crash and keep an eye on your fuel, maybe you’ll need to top up. In your menu bar you’ll find your score and level.


These games can be played in office safely and closed before any colleague or boss notices what you are up to.