Print Screen Not Working – Clipboard is not Being Refreshed

by on August 29th, 2009

Have you ever encountered such problem? When you have been taking screenshots, there comes a time when no matter how many times you hit “Print Screen” key, it will not be updated and the same old image remains in the clipboard which will be printed whenever you paste it in wherever you are pasting it. OO!! Did I just confuse you? Alright! In my case I took many screenshots in a row and pasted at Adobe Photoshop canvas in a row and saved these in a row. Then suddenly it ceased to copy more images to clipboard. When I was pasting the image in Photoshop, it was pasting old image. I tried again and again by hitting “Print Screen” but no use. Then it hit me hard invisibly over my head like a lightening and I got it. Here is the solution.

  • Close Photoshop application (or whatever you were using) and reopen it.
  • Try pasting thingy in a different program e.g. MSPAINT.
  • Try different key for Print Screen [ Alt+Print Screen ]

Alt+Print Screen will capture just the selected application area. e.g.
If media player is opened at your desktop and you press “Print Screen”, it will take screenshot for full screen of desktop.
If you use Alt+PrintScreen while your control is at media player, then Windows will take screenshot for media player just, and not the whole screen.

Alright try one of these three above points and your problem will be solved.

You can also try to use Gadwin. Its a free app. for taking screenshots.