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by on December 16th, 2007


PHP Personal Management Book is available for download, absolutely free. PHP Personal Management Book is a complete PHP CMS for personal record management and covers more than just Address Book or Phone Book requirements. The purpose of this software is to enable you manage upcoming events which matter to you most and help you remember and manage your contacts and expenditures in well-organized manner. PMB is PHP based open source absolutely free software for Home PC or Online Web Application usage.

Well every PHP developer search for stuff and examples about some PHP knowledge or ready to use codes and snippets and CMS etc. Who is not aware with the I also download stuff and get learning and PHP knowledge but mostly developers do not care about the design, interactivity and simplicity. Here, I suggest that you download PMB, use it and tell me how you feel about it? I was in need of such CMS, so I built it myself. I will enhance PMB even more along with planning and working with more Open-Source content-management-systems. Developing PMB was more than a joyful experience to me.

Everybody can use this CMS even without learning a thing about PHP. I have included all the help and how-to stuff along with PMB. PMB is my first Open-Source CMS development struggle and I am launching it at my birthday. I hope that PMB might prove useful for you and I wish that I will get suggestions and requests for upgrades and to add more modules and support in it.  

Top Features
  • Complete Personal & Home Record Management, CMS, More than a personal diary
  • Dual Controllable Accounts (Admin, User)
  • Dual Security with Password Protection and Secret Code
  • Flexible Modules, Enable/Disable Feature
  • Photo Support for Contacts and Events
  • Group Management (Arrange records into groups)
  • Alerts & Reminders
Other All Features
  • Complete Phone Book (Home, Office, Mobile)
  • Complete Address Book (Home, Business, Personal contact details, enhanced and advanced Contact Book experience, Easy Groups Management, manage contacts into groups)
  • Birthday Record management, upcoming birthdays reminders
  • Monthly Bills Record management
  • Expenditures management (Your important major expendiures record management to keep track of at what and how much you spend over time…)
  • Borrow, Lent, Balance and Saving Record management
  • To-Do-List
  • Events Diary with photo support
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Advanced search (Search by name, date, month, year, category or record detail)
  • Dual Controllable Accounts (Admin, User)
    You can use PMB front-end with both password protection or without password protection
    Decide your security option by yourself
  • Dual Security with Password Protection and Secret Code
    Assign password to any record you want to hide it from normal view if its private
  • Modules Enable/Disable Feature
    You can enable any module to use it or disable to ignore it. Flexibility allows you to keep your desired modules and sections available while others disabled. You can use disabled modules anytime by enabling them. Your data is secure, whether you enable or disable any one of it anytime.
    and much more…

Download PMB
PMB Home Page


There is a Version 2 available and PMB Homepage is up again.

Here are some old screenshots of PMB.


Admin Area

3 Reviews

  1. John1394 says:

    Very nice site!

  2. Hiroshi says:

    Hi Camilo, That is the first ever response I ever got for my humble PHP Personal Management Book Software from you, after many days and I am happy. First of all, thanks a lot buddy. Secondly the tool is available. The thing is, back some days some one crashed my blogs and I got stuck and Hosting Company did not help. They just said to move. So I moved from blue to DREAMHOST. I am still managing my data, recovering and launching it back online step by step. Just two more weeks from this day and PMB will be available again with support. I am soon updating its version too.
    For now you can download it from the following link.

  3. Camilo says:

    Can’t have access to link:

    Is the tool unavailable?