Play Plants vs Zombies Online

by on October 2nd, 2013


iOS users are already enjoying PVZ2 on their iPhone and iPad, while Android users are waiting for the PVZ2 launch for Android. If you are an Android user and want to play PVZ2 right now, you can play it in web browser, online. Play Plants vs Zombies online.

The game pre-loads in the start. After loading is done you get the ‘play now’ button to start the game. You get the four options to play with. You can start playing by clicking ‘Start Adventure’ button.


At the first stage you get sunflowers automatically and you can plant for protection and kill zombies. You do not need to plant sunflowers at the first stage. When first stage clears, you unlock the sunflower plant.


Next stage contains more zombies.


You have to protect three rows by planting sunflowers and shooter plants.


As the game proceeds, you unlock more plants and game level complexity and difficulty increases. You use mouse click to collect Sun and to plant. Very interesting game play for free. No need to install anything. Give it a go and enjoy Plants vs Zombies online play.

Play Plants vs Zombies Online