Play Games in Google Talk With Your Buddies

by on August 29th, 2009

Google have come up with a real time gadgets API for Google Talk. This can be useful if you want to play games with your online friends. Real time gadgets API for Google Talk is a great news for Google talk users as you can enjoy online games while chatting with friends on Google Talk. This works with web based Google Talk Sandbox and it is expected soon to be available in Gtalk application also.

How to play games on web based Google Talk with your friends
  • Open Google Talk Sandbox online.
  • Click on any friend name in your web based Gtalk buddy list.
  • Click Options -> Start Applications.
  • Enter URL of game gadget and start playing.

Take an example of chess.


Play Chess within GTalk

Go to the sandbox and send the Google Talk Sandbox link to your Friend as well (

When your friend starts to use Google Talk sandbox, click on “Options”, select “Start application” and paste the URL of the chess game ( and press Enter.

Other Games

Rock, Paper, Scissors

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  1. Myanmarpro says:

    It is really good.

  2. Yolie says:

    How do I do this.? I don’t even know how to start playing the games.? I need instructions one by one please.

  3. festplatte says:

    Hi Enjoy this article…I also use google talk to play chess game with my online friends.This is my favourite game.I feel enjoy to play this…

  4. nintendo ds says:

    I like to play the games on my pc my console and on my cell phone..
    this article was not related to games but it related to technology and i had also hobby to search gadget and latest gadgets and many more so this article was really great in my opinion.

  5. r4 says:

    Hi all…
    I am playing games on gtalk and its fun…Thanks