5 Awesome Online Addictive Games to Play

by on March 25th, 2010

Online flash games are sweet. These are little in size, take less time to load and you do not need to install any software to play such games. All you need is an internet connection access and go to the webpage and start playing the game. FaceBook popularity is considered largely is due to these fancy online games which you can play and share with your friends. These online games are great time killers. I am sharing with you some awesome flash games which are productive, logic testers and fun to play.


If you know how to click the mouse and use mouse wheel then you can play this game. Game has multiple stages and there is a time limit inwhich you have to complete certain tasks. RecordTripping has got marvelous 3D graphics.

Play RecordTripping


Very nice game in which you have to shoot puki invaders before they attack you and make your way through them.

Play Puki


You have to collect fruits and avoid rockets. The screen goes hay-wire for some time after some seconds and you have to avoid colliding with the screen corners. You play a flying birdy in this game which is collecting fruits and goodies and making its way ahead in the sky. Very nice fun game.

Play Distraction

Grid 16 – Skills and Speed Test

This is a logic test. Game tests your skills and becomes fast with time giving you multiple stages one by one and asking you to look and perform some action immediately. In the end you get your skills test score. Really nice one.

Play Online


You see little guy in the image below? No! That’s not the guy. That’s a jumping air craft. Well! sort of. You have to use arrow keys to move this craft ahead and jump using spacebar when you see the road ending otherwise, the craft will be lost. Game has nice music. Game play is addictive and irritating. You will love it.

Play Swfroads

Got any online games in mind? You can share those with me. I will love to play some more games.

One Review

  1. There are few really interesting names in this blog. World of Warcraft and Sumo-BZ are my favourites. Apart from that I like few strategy games as well. Few games can really help to increase the power of decision making and general awareness as well.